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Zensiti will revolutionise how you furnish your home

  • We create space for your studio

    Zensiti is building a range of amazing space-creating furniture packages for studios!

    Off the plan condominium owners order in advance, customize their multifunction package and we deliver and install as soon as your unit is turned over- condo complete and ready to live in or rent out, straight away!

  • Turn your studio into 4 spacious rooms

    Our designers are curating packages of multi-function, transforming, space-creating furniture that make your studio feel roomy

    Dining Room

    Living Room




  • Space- creating healthier, happier & more balanced lifestyles.

    Our population is urbanizing, real estate in our big cities is getting so expensive, and space is at a premium - and we will help you create so much more!

    Health and wellness is holistic- a third of adults don't get enough sleep.  Zensiti packages will create uncluttered homes and beautiful aesthetics for peace of mind, and higher quality sleeping space and mattresses for better rest. 

  • No hassles, no headaches, no wasted time or money

    No planning to do, no looking for contractors, no more visits to countless furniture, appliance and home decor stores- no assembling shelves!

  • We do things differently

    Bricks and mortar retailers are inefficient, pay warehouse and retail rent, buy stock nobody wants, have too many staff, advertise- and they pass those expenses on to you.

  • Customised & made to order

    100% digital + latest technology = low costs for us & phenomenal value for money for you. Every item is made on demand for you. You select the colours and finishes & we deliver your trend-setting furniture quickly and at a fraction of the cost. 

World class technology & design coming to Philippines

We are an Australian tech startup company based in the heart of Sydney. In the coming months, we will launch in our 1st market, the Philippines.

The Zensiti team is made up of real estate, product design, manufacturing and growth hacking professionals using Permaculture principles to give birth to amazing living spaces.

Zensiti is a graduate company of the Sydney chapter of Founder Institute, a Silicon Valley business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program with chapters in over 180 cities. 

We are proud to be part of the UTS Startups program which the Australian Financial Review says "...should make UTS the single most important source of start-ups from any university in Australia." 

Zensiti will "... revolutionise the way home owners personalise and furnish their homes with superior technology solutions and I for one, want access to (his) services!"

Matt Trustrum- Early Stage Advisory & Founder Coach - "Sydney Start Up Hub, Stockholm & London"